No Wonder They Think They’re Smart

We human beings are funny creatures aren’t we?  There is probably no other in the Oscar 5animal kingdom that can be so guided by its own ego, or its own self image.  As a conservative, I continually stand in amazement at the media and Hollywood elite who have so much to say about a., the economy, b., the environment, c., foreign affairs, d., domestic affairs, e., political affairs…. er, let’s just say “all of the above… and then some.”

At one point during the Oscars last night, Ellen Degeneres, an excellent host, I would say, made a joke out of all the actors who had never gone to college.  Turns out there are quite a few.  Who knew?  I thought, from all the expertise that I hear from these folks that most of them held advanced degrees from the very best of our colleges and universities.  And, without argument, there certainly are some.  A few.  So, what is it that makes these people feel so qualified to offer their opinions in so many areas of life?  What is it that makes them so sure that their way is the right way?

Oscar 3Well, I have an idea… All you have to do is watch the “Red Carpet” for a concentrated view of the ego polishing of a celebrity.  It happens most everywhere they go, of course, but as I said, this is a “concentrated” view.  Put yourself in their place… You step out of your limo with your companion of the evening, a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10, either male of female.  You’re wearing duds that cost more than the automobile you just stepped out of.  There are roars of adoration from a crowd that is being held back by barricades to give you your space.  You make your way forward, toward the theater, stopping occasionally in front of a conveniently placed backdrop where you offer your best sultry look, kindly allowing a mass of paparazzi to snap your pic.  Cameras click, flash bulbs pop.  YOU have arrived.

Oscars 4You are pulled aside by a network reporter and congratulated on your fabulous attire, fabulous escort, and fabulous latest work.  The reporter then gets down to the “real nitty gritty,” asking for your statement on the latest storms blanketing the northeast and how they were caused by global warming?  The reporter, and yes, the rest of the free world, you believe, hang breathless, waiting for your answer.

Folks, don’t get me wrong, entertainers are entertainers and there are a lot of them that I like a lot.  I would still pay good money to see a Michael Jackson concert.  But I wouldn’t want him doing my brain surgery.   For them to believe that their thoughts and opinions are more valid than others because they have a great stage presence, for me, is just too far to reach.

But who knows?  If I were subjected to the Red Carpet… if I were looked upon for my solution to world peace, I might think I was smart, too.



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