A Long Flight Home

A Long Flight Home
$3.99 ebook; $11.95 print
Length: 404
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781507564639
The story of Howard Murdoch and Bradley Cooper and their bonding as pilots in the Vietnam war. Howie thought he would be a crop duster in South Georgia; Bradley was to follow his brother into the rodeo circuit but wars have a way of forging friendships and changing lives.
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“A Long Flight Home” follows the lives of two men from the time they were little boys, through the Vietnam war and after.  Howie Murdoch was born and raised in Tar County, Georgia.  His mother and father didn’t count for much, staying drunk most of the time.  His life took on meaning one day when he was 8 years old.  He was walking home from school when a crop duster crossed his path.  It was a seminal moment in his life as he set his sights on being a pilot.

Bradley Cooper grew up in Cody, Wyoming in the shadow of the magnificent mountains and his older brother DuMont.  As DuMont became a skilled rodeo rider, Bradley followed along gaining his own reputation as a fearless rodeo clown.  Wherever DuMont went, Bradley followed… including into the Army and off to war.  Murdoch and Cooper meet in the Army’s Flight School and form a hard and fast bond.  One that lasts a lifetime.

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