The Prosecution of General Hastings

The Prosecution of General Hastings
$11.95 Print; $3.99 ebook
Length: 352
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781511869706
Jack Hastings, that's General Jack Hastings, was a golden boy all his life. From his time at West Point, throughout his Army career, he was destined for greatness. However, his weakness for women and an unexplained murder in Oklahoma City had Jack Hastings being fitted for an orange jumpsuit.
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Jack Hastings was a golden boy all his life.  West Point Prosecution of Hastings Compgraduate and a real up and comer.  He was a Major General when he retired and took over a small arms manufacturing firm just north of Oklahoma City.  Like some men, Jack has a weakness for the ladies that has caused him, and certain women, some trouble in the past.  Is Hastings a bad man?  Is he capable of murder?

As with all of my stories, you will run into some characters you have met in other tales.  Our man Harry Kincaid shows up, as does his pal Bobby Lawson.  Annie Wilcox provided the link to the case through her older sister who is an attorney in Oklahoma City.  Jack Davenport has a cameo appearance that I really enjoyed creating.

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